• Facials & Skin Services

    • Facials 

      1 hour spa - $55           30 minute - $35

      Classic Facial

      This highly personalized facial is custom blended to meet your skins needs, every time. We start with a Skin Consultation, then each step is customized with advanced skincare products and essential oils designed to deliver results. You’ll experience deep cleansing, a custom blended facial massage, with a serum and mask targeted to your specific skin concerns. (hour and half hour available)

      Anti Aging Firming Facial

      A thorough cleansing followed by our exfoliation process, energizing masque and ultra tightening masque. It’s designed to restore tightness to sagging skin as it lifts, tightens, and smoothes. You will instantly experience firmer and more resilient skin. ( hour and express available)

      Refreshing Surface Peel Treatment

      We customize the levels of resurfacing using a selection of fruit acids and enzymes to reduce fine line, age spots/sun damage, minimize the appearance of large pores, and smooth and soften the skins texture. ( hour and express available)

      Acne Clearing Treatment

      Our focus is deep pore cleansing and the removal of white heads, black heads, oil and dirt. You will see immediate results and even more with continual treatments.