• Massage

    • Relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. Let our licensed massage therapists help you relive stress and tension throughout your body with a customized massage treatment.

      30 minutes $39
      60 minutes $59
      90 minutes $79
      Chair $1 per minute (15 min minimum)
      Prenatal $55

      Hot Stone Massage

      Using hot stones facilitates slow heat dispersion thus enabling the therapist to give a far deeper treatment-beneficial for tight muscles.

      60 Minutes for $69  -  90 Minutes for $89

      Quartz Stone

      60 Minutes for $75


      A therapy of the hands and feet, with pressure applied to specific reflex areas corresponding to major organs and glands of the body.

      30 minute session - 35
      30 minute session + 30 min message - $65

      Couples Massage

      Enjoy a full body massage with a friends or a loved one. Two massage therapists work together in an open room applying the therapeutic art of massage.

      60 Minutes for 2 people - $118

      Massage for Fibromyalgia

      Using these specific massages for Fibromyalgia, you could experience any of the following benefits: increased blood circulation to the muscles, increased flexibility; range of motion; reduced pain and stiffness; improved sleep patterns.

      60 Minutes for $59

      Body Scrub, Steam Shower & 60 Minute Massage


      Body Scrub & Steam Shower


      Essential Oils

      Add to any Massage